8 Benefits of Argon Gas Windows

Homeowners are becoming more thorough with their research before making big purchases and upgrades to their houses, and this has forced manufacturers to create higher quality, longer lasting, and durable products in order to stay in business.

argon gas windows

Windows are no exception to the rule, and factories and window installers everywhere have heard the demand of high quality windows.  This attributes to the current rise in popularity of gas filled windows, specifically argon gas windows.

Gas-filled windows are comprised of certain gases with insulating properties that are pumped into glass units for optimal thermal efficiency.  Argon and krypton are the most commonly used gas fills because they are slower moving in comparison to regular air, and this reduces the transfer of heat.

Argon Gas Windows are Environmental Friendly

We all want to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, and one way to do so is with argon gas windows.  Argon gas windows, when installed, get to work right away by immensely decreasing energy consumption.

Its dense nature makes this gas excel at insulating and reducing heat transfer, which makes your home a more consistent temperature.  Air conditioning will stay in during hotter months, and heat will stay in during winter seasons, and overall, energy output is dramatically reduced.

The less time you spend cranking up the heat or air conditioning, the more you reduce your carbon footprint.

Argon Gas Windows Energy Save

Argon gas consists of about 1% of our atmosphere and takes form as a non-toxic, clear, and odorless gas.  This gas is also denser than air and has a thermal conductivity of about 67%, and slower moving, thicker glass means a reduction of heat transfer.

Argon gas is an excellent buffer against air currents.  This is especially accurate when the air currents meeting are different air temperatures.

That draft you may feel with regular, non gas-filled windows is due to the plain air being a poorer insulator than argon gas.  For homeowners in areas with dramatic, ever-changing seasons, argon gas makes perfect sense for protecting your home against sudden temperature drops.

Argon gas windows paired with Low E coatings save energy by maintaining a consistent internal temperature.

Argon Gas Windows Are Safe

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You may think, is filling windows with argon gas safe?  The answer is yes, it is.  Argon gas makes up less than 1% of our atmosphere and we are breathing it in all the time.  Chances are, homeowners won’t even notice leaks because argon gas is colorless and odorless.  Argon gas is harmless and leaks are only detected by scientific equipment.

Homeowners new to gas-filled windows also may wonder if there are any dangers in relation to leaking.  A good seal will prevent argon gas from leaking, so be sure to hire an installer who is experienced and well practiced.

However, some gas will leak from your windows, but very minimally, about 1%, and this causes no harm if this does occur.

Argon Gas Windows Have a Long-Lasting Lifetime

Some homeowners considering this gas-filled window option may question how long a window with argon gas might last.  After all, if there are even just the smallest amounts of leaking, will the window still be effective 20 years later?

The National Glass Association provides an answer to this often posed question, remarking that even if just 80% of gas remains in the window, it will still maintain its effectiveness.

Considering that about 1% of gas naturally leaks from the windows each year, you will still have extremely efficient gas-filled windows for 20 years, working just as they did at the time of installation.

Regular windows have a lifetime around the same as argon gas windows but are not up to par on energy efficiency because they don’t harness this gas’ ability to reduce heat transfer.

For this type of investment for your home, you will want a window to do more than its basic functionality of opening and closing.  A good window will save you money, not cost you in the long run.

Argon Gas Windows Give You a Quicker Return on Investment

argon gas window benefits

While no homeowner exactly wants to shell out money on a big project like windows, a quicker return on your investment can convince the most frugal homeowner to make the commitment with this necessary project.  Sooner rather than later, homeowners choosing to install argon gas windows will see big savings on their energy bills.

Argon gas insulates better than the average window, and this means cutting down your energy bills and saving you money every month.  Argon gas windows last around 20 years, so imagine the amount of money you can save with a better insulating window—it’s a much quicker return on your investment than lower grade replacement windows.

Argon Gas Windows Are the New Standard for Most Manufacturers

Energy codes are becoming increasingly stringent and now building regulations require the upmost energy efficiency in windows in order to prevent damages to the environment.

These days, energy also comes at a higher cost because of environmental concerns, and so argon gas windows stepped in to becoming the new norm for windows.

With argon gas windows set as a popular and new standard for manufacturers, pricing has subsequently become more relaxed. In fact, it could cost you more money to install regular windows that are not gas filled.  There is a win-win element to receiving a better product with a high-energy efficiency at a good price.

Argon Gas Windows Aid With Soundproofing

When you pay for a cheaper windows or tough it out with the old ones, you will most likely notice road noise if your home is located by a busy road.  Windows are meant to do more than just keep out outside elements of rain and snow; they should act soundproofing agents to insulate your home.

Argon gas is denser and thicker than regular air, and because of this property, sound has a hard time making its way through the gas-filled window and into your home.  Regardless if you live on a busy street or not, you’ll notice a big difference with argon gas windows and noise levels.

Argon Gas Windows Can Reduce Condensation and Frost

The problem with old or cheap windows is that often times you will notice a formation of frost during cold months or condensation when there are varying temperatures and moisture in the air.  This means the windows are not doing their job and are poorly insulating your home.

With argon gas windows, you can say goodbye to these common window issues.  A window filled with argon gas is one of the best methods in regulating temperature, and this shuts down formation of condensation and frost.

Argon gas windows are the answer to constant seasonal shifts that bring about warm weather one day and freezing cold the next.

Go For Argon Gas Windows For Your Home

If you have to make the investment of new windows for your home, consider argon gas windows.  While they are slightly more expensive than regular windows, you will be paying yourself back in the future with the vast amount of energy savings argon gas windows amass in their lifetime.

Soon enough, you will be seeing a return on your initial investment due to argon gas’ insulating and temperature regulating properties.  Plus, the environment will thank you.

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