All About Custom Windows in Rockford

Choosing to install custom windows can benefit your home in many ways. A custom window is built specifically for your space, meaning you’ll have superior aesthetics. No filling in gaps with sheet rock or molding and patching with paint! Since custom windows are designed to fit exactly into your window opening, this also allows for less air leakages, improving your home’s energy efficiency.

custom windows

In addition to saving money, custom windows will also save you time and frustration. They’re easier to install and offer an array of design options that are easier to match to the interior and exterior of your home. Their flexibility in style and aesthetics ensure your home a great look and better value.

Popular Window Materials

The first step in choosing a custom set of windows is determining the right window material for your home. There are several different window materials to choose from, but the three most popular are wood, aluminum and vinyl.

Each one has their own strengths, but your home is what best determines the replacement you should use.

  • Wood – wood windows use to be the most popular window material for homeowners. However, the maintenance of wood isn’t cheap. You must paint and stain wood every three to five years in order for the windows to not warp or rot due to absorption of moisture.
  • Aluminum – although aluminum doesn’t detail the same beauty as wood, it doesn’t mold, rot or expand when holding moisture. However, if the bolts and screws are exposed, rust may form. Another common problem among aluminum windows is denting and dinging with hail and heavy winds. Of the three, aluminum is the least energy efficient.
  • Vinyl – like wood, vinyl can replicate a beautiful look without the maintenance. Vinyl comes in many different colors, including wood grain finishes. Like aluminum, vinyl windows won’t absorb moisture or rust. The frames are also foam insulated, making the home air tight and saving money on energy bills. It’s the best option for Green Bay homeowners.

Window Hardware Options

Choosing to customize your windows also means selecting the hardware and details. Whether it’s grids, special locks or glass style, you’ll be able to determine every element of your design.

Choose from lifts such as: projected, mortise, cast brass finger, bin pull, flush pull, finger, rope trimmed and handle. And choose from locks such as: security, spring, quadrant, casement and transom.

The Perfect Style and Color for You

A home is one of, if not, the most important purchase of your life. You want to make it your own. Being able to customize your windows to complement the colors of the exterior is important for curb appeal, as well as personal satisfaction.

The color is paramount, but the style is imperative as well. With custom windows, you can choose any style you want. Just because you have double hung or casement windows now, doesn’t mean you have to choose that style for your customized windows.

Below are popular style options to consider depending on your home.

  • Double hung – Open from the top and bottom.
  • Casement – Open away from your home using a hand crank.
  • Sliding – Made for hard to reach areas because they are easy to open.
  • Awning – Open from the bottom away from your home to create an awning effect. You can keep the windows open no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • Picture – Windows that are inoperable with a magnificent view.
  • Hopper – Found in the basement or areas close to the ground because they open from top into your home.
  • Bay and Bow – A three to five window that’s composed of any combination of a picture, casement or double hung window on each side. A window seat is created at the bottom.
  • Architectural – Uniquely shaped picture windows that come in many styles such as circles, square, horizontal and octagonal.

Energy Efficiency

Doing more with less energy benefits you, the environment and the world. The average U.S household spends $5,550 a year on energy. Investing in energy efficient products and home improvements can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

One of the benefits of acquiring custom windows is saving on your utility bills. You have the option to choose double or triple pane windows and whether or not they are filled with argon, krypton or a mixture of the two gases.

The materials are essential, but the fact that you’re able to get the perfect size window to fit into the window opening is extremely important. Since the air cannot escape the windows, the energy bill is much less each month.

You don’t have to look much further than the window’s glass to find out if it possesses energy efficient features. All windows in the voluntary Energy Star program will have stickers on them displaying ratings by the National Fenestration Rating Council.

To qualify for a status, window manufactures must meet standards for U-value and solar heart gain coefficient (SHGC). For both metrics, the lower the number, the better the window will perform.

Get Creative

With custom windows, you have complete control over the materials, hardware, style and color you want. There are endless amounts of styles and combinations to choose from when you want to improve the exterior of your home.

By combining creativity with custom window designs, you can truly make your house unique.

  • Replace a patio door with floor-to-ceiling picture windows – This design adds drama and character to a home and gives spectacular views.
  • Top off a casement window with a circle-top window – Casement windows increase ventilation in the home and by adding a half-circle you can maximize views to bring more sunlight into your home.
  • Add a transom window – Add an interesting design to the entry door by installing a transom window above it.

Custom Windows in Rockford Illinois

No two homes are alike; therefore no two homes should have the exact same window design. There are entirely too many customizable options out there for windows. Choose a custom window that speaks to you!

So the question is, where do you get custom windows in Rockford? The answer is simple: Feldco. We’ve been serving the Midwest for over 40 years and we’d like to help you with your replacement window project. Get a free quote now and let’s get started.

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