6 Great Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

As a homeowner, you’ve likely heard all the great things about having energy efficient windows, but are they worth all the praise?  Windows are a big part of your home and a substantial investment, so when it comes time to replace old, drafty windows, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best there is.  With energy efficient windows, you are guaranteed a modern design that does more than save you energy after their installation.

energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows are popular for a reason, and here are six reasons why you should consider them for your home:

Energy Efficient Windows Protect Against UV Damage

You may be surprised to hear that while your old windows do let in the sunshine to brighten up any room in your home, they are also letting in the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Ultraviolet radiation is exactly what your dermatologist has been lecturing you to avoid, and without Energy Star qualified windows, UV rays filter into your home and fade your furniture, carpets, and other valuables, including your skin.

Regular, old windows can let in this UV radiation and fade anything and everything in its path, like drapes, photographs, area rugs, couches, and hardwood floors.  This can be devastating, especially if you have worked hard in your interior decorating or in remodeling your floors to restore them to their beautiful, natural state.

With energy efficient windows, a special coating is applied over top the window to prevent UV radiation, reducing fading by an enormous 75%.  The best part is that with this effective seal, the visible light filtering in through the window is not altered or reduced in any way.

Energy Efficient Windows Have a Low Upkeep

energy efficiency of windows

Every homeowner loves the work “no maintenance required”, but with old windows, especially those that are traditional wood, this is never the case.  You may find yourself outside once or twice a year sanding, fixing, and replacing parts of your old windows just to get them operational again.

Windows that are energy efficient are generally low maintenance with little upkeep needs required. Build-up from condensation and the adverse effects of the presence of moisture like mold and bacteria growth is not a factor with these windows due to their ability to minimize energy transfer.

Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money

The most obvious reason to invest in energy efficient windows is that they will save you a chunk of change each year on monthly energy bills.  Why stick with older windows with gaps and leaks that let drafts through your home like a haunted house?

Windows that condense, drip, and feel noticeably colder in the winter aren’t doing you any good in conserving energy or saving on those monthly bills.  In fact, you probably find yourself turning up the heat or cranking the air conditioning to overcompensate for the loss.

With the installation of Energy Star rated windows, about 12% of carbon footprints and energy bills are reduced nationwide.

If you’re looking for just one reason to make the switch to energy efficient windows, let this be it, because this is one of their biggest benefits, to you and to the environment.

Energy Efficient Windows Reduce Condensation

If you use your windows as a means to tell the weather based on the amount of frost or condensation collecting on the pane, then it’s time to upgrade to energy efficient windows.  These newer, modernly designed windows not only conserve energy, but also reduce condensation to a minimum.

Energy efficient windows are created with warm edge technology, meaning they have insulating spacers with a warm interior surface that resists the formation of condensation.  This is beneficial to you as a homeowner because the less moisture collected on the windows; the less maintenance is required down the road.

Moisture is damaging and can encourage the growth of bacteria, but along with this, a good window should do its job in keeping out the elements and presenting a clear view.

Energy Efficient Windows Regulate Temperatures

energy efficiency of windows

Sometimes, whether it’s your first home or your forever home, we can’t all luck out on having efficient, energy conserving original windows.  While your old windows may be operable to a degree, you probably notice the occasional draft when walking past them, or in the colder months, feel that winter air pass through as if there’s no window there at all.

In the meantime, you’re probably turning the heat up to an wildly high temperature to try to keep the inside of your home from feeling like a walk-in freezer.

If this sounds like your home, then face the facts because it’s time to make the switch over to energy efficient windows.  You’ll be thanking yourself for making this wise investment when you set the thermostat and the inside of your home actually feels like whatever you set the temperature at.

During the summer months, your energy efficient windows will work to reduce the external heat and keep the cool air conditioning inside.  Energy efficient windows keep the glass warmer for longer during winter months, so your home doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the inside.

Energy Efficient Windows Reduce Noise

Even for those of us who don’t live on a busy street notice that with old windows comes lots of noise.  Passing cars, sirens, bikers, trains and railway noise, can all be magnified by old windows and their poor insulation.  If you have older windows, you are likely exposed to this roadway noise and equally frustrated by it.

Energy efficient windows are better insulated, and this has numerous benefits, like energy conservation, regulating temperatures more effectively, and of course, lessening the sound of passing traffic.

Because energy efficient windows are designed to have a superior exterior seal and optimal insulation to conserve energy, these windows have the extra benefit of dramatically reducing ambient noise.  If you live on a busy street, in an urban area, or in a neighborhood that sees a lot of thru traffic, energy efficient windows can keep this surrounding noise to a minimum.

Start Saving Today with Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows may cost more upfront as a part of your new investment, but in the long run they will save you money along with all of these other fringe benefits.  While it’s in the name—“energy efficient”—there is so much more to these windows that many homeowner overlook when window-shopping (pardon the pun).

A good quality window will cost more upfront, but the benefits of one that is Energy Star certified and energy efficient will end up paying you back over time with its ability to conserve and retain heat and air conditioning.

Saving money alone with energy efficient windows is a good enough reason by itself to encourage you to switch, but if you needed more, now you know all of the other additional benefits these windows can provide you with.  From noise reduction, to temperature regulation, and everything in between, energy efficient windows are an obvious answer in concern with upgrading your home.

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